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Hey everyone! I held off talking about this last week because I wanted to assess everything before writing a post about it, and I didn’t want anyone to worry during the convention.

Two weekends ago during Otakuthon, my car was broken into. Someone had smashed my car window, stole my parent’s GPS, and my suitcase (actually, my parent’s suitcase that I had borrowed for the trip) which had all my clothes and belongings in it.

Luckily no ID and cash was stolen, but our insurance doesn’t cover the broken window and all the stolen items. 

I made enough money from the convention to cover the loss of our GPS, but not everything else- so I’m opening commissions and holding a sale on my Storenvy to raise funds to pay back my parents. Please read on for more info.


Use the promo code twentyoff for 20% on all items in my storenvy!

In addition, I’ve stocked up on some new Mewtwo/Mew and Eeveelution prints.


I’m offering one character 4x6 Watercolour or Copic Marker commissions for $25. (Shipping is included in the price) Please mention if you want a copic or watercolour piece. You can email me at if you’d like one.

My goal is to raise $250 for everything. Any signal boosting would be tremendously appreciated! ;A;

I commissioned this person several times and she was always amazing and awesome. You should too! :O

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