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Hey now, Minecraft is fun! *grumble* I’ll make it more fun - no sequels (unless I’ve never played the original)

1 Double Dragon
2 Super Mario Bros
3 The Legend of Zelda
4 Mega Man
5 Kirby’s Adventure
6 Beyond Good and Evil
7 The Settlers 2
8 Rock’n’Roll Racing
9 Blackthorne
10 Chewy: Esc from F5
11 Dangerous Dave
12 Commander Keen
13 Croc
14 Toonstruck
15 Rollercoaster Tychoon
16 Fallout
17 Theme Hospital
18 Tetris
19 Pokemon Blue
20 Pikimin
21 Super Metroid
22 Super Smash Bros
23 Sim City 2000
24 Command and Conquer: Red Alert
25 Earth 2150
26 Empire Earth
27 Age or Empires
28 Quake

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Link, Isabelle, and more coming to Mario Kart 8 ⊟

What. Not sure if this reveal was accidental, but Nintendo UK’s official site posted listings for two upcoming downloadable content packs for Mario Kart 8.

The Zelda pack, coming this November, includes:

  • 3 Characters: Tanooki Mario, Cat Peach, Link
  • 4 Vehicles (is that a Blue Falcon from F-Zero?)
  • 8 Courses (including an F-Zero stage!)

The Animal Crossing pack isn’t due until May 2015:

  • 3 Characters: Villager, Isabelle, Dry Bowser
  • 4 Vehicles
  • 8 Courses (an Animal Crossing stage, yay!)

Each pack is priced at £7.00 or the UK, or around $11.60. The listings note, “As a bonus for purchasing both packs - as a bundle or separately - you can get eight different-coloured Yoshis and eight different-coloured Shy Guys that can be used right away.”

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dear LORD


Also 3 Characters, 8 Tracks and 3 Karts are insane value for 7 Pounds is awesome!



New page and the start of a new story! :)

Creatures of Escher High #2: A Dance to Remember

It’s time for the annual Homecoming dance at Escher High and all the students are getting ready, even part-time student and full-time werewolf Lauren Talbot. Unfortunately for her and everyone involved, Jenny Eldritch has some plans of her own to make this year’s dance one that nobody will forget.

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Try going in and asking for a buzz cut or shaved head. You will either get nothing but crap for it or they will talk nonstop about how brave and bold you are. XD

This is why I go to a men’s barber (the guy is Gulf War vet and he’s amazing). I only ever got any flak from his son and the kid got over it after I sat down and made him shave my head. :D

Aside from really really liking short hair on ladies - you make that buzzcut and shave work beautifully and I am defending it to death against anyone who questions it when looking at pictures from our New Mexico tour.

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