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In Ankh-Morpork you can be whoever you want to be and sometimes people laugh and sometimes they clap, and mostly and beautifully, they don’t really care.
― Terry Pratchett, Raising Steam

sayer-raider asked:

Happy birthday! Pinkie and GLaDOS have baked you a cake. You should try it, cause it's worth dying for!





I dunnooo… I don’t trust cake by either of those two. :P

What about a rainbow flavored cupcake?

I guess it depends on what rainbow tastes like o.o;

It tastes like… I don’t know. A rainbow? Never tried one before, but I heard they’re very tasty

Okay, thanks in that case. I’m sure it’ll be awesome. ;)


Long awaited commission for meisterli !!!!!!!!!

Joolira belongs to him
Roxanne (the blonde) and Molly (the purple haired one) are mine!

I had a lot of fun working on this and it was quite the challenge.
But I’m happy with how it ended up coming out!

Come out really really lovely! :D You did an amazing job - I don’t think she’s ever looked that pretty. <3

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